Introduction to Daily Carry

Welcome to Daily Carry! I have been an active survivalist/prepper for longer than I can truly give myself credit.  I have always loved the outdoors and been active since my youth in everything from biking, camping, hiking, and since the events of 9/11, I have been even more so active in preparing for what I believe is happening.   I realize that some people don’t believe in things until they are proven to be true… I will go ahead and make this controversial statement.  You could say the same thing about any religion, as none of them have actually been proven to be “correct”.  Does that make them a conspiracy?  Not at all.  Does that make my views, a conspiracy?  Possibly, but I think if you really slow down, and take a real hard look at what is happening in this country…. you will see.  There is a bigger master plan that is unfolding.  Okay, so what’s the plan… well just like religion or conspiracy theories, we all have our ideas.  But, one thing that is even more common is the fact that more and more people are being involved in prepping and survivalism.CIMG0399

Whether you are a family man who has children who depend on him, or a single woman who is trying to get herself established in life, we all need to be a little more prepared for life’s uncertain times.  Whether you believe as I do that our country is headed for a real disaster, or if you simply just enjoy being out in the wilderness hiking through the backcountry… this blog can benefit everyone.

My background is pretty diverse, I have definitely lead a very full life with many challenges and rewards.  Career wise, I have been in the healthcare field since 2001 and have taken care of the sickest patients in the Midwest, as well as assisted with stopping traumatic bleeds, and for the last 8 years I have even been repairing/calibrating/ and servicing highly sophisticated medical equipment (ranging from anesthesia machines, and ventilators, to infusion pumps, and patient monitoring equipment.)

The main idea here on this blog/website is to help others become more prepared and to help people think a bit more than just what they are seeing in the mainstream news media.

I hope you enjoy the blog and the site.  Thank you!


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