Daily Carry List

I have been an EVERYDAY CARRY advocate for a long time, but have only within the last 5 years made it a daily routine for me.  I have bought many backpacks and purchased many “survival” items to put in it, but have finally gotten my pack well rounded enough to be relatively unchanged for a while now.

My recommendation is opposite of many other survivalist in which I say to purchase the best pack you can afford first and then then put your gear in it.  While many survivalist proclaim you should by your gear first and then the pack, I think that having a pack first allows you to really carefully select what items you carry and what items fit your needs and lifestyle.

My daily carry items are not a one situation solution, but more of a well rounded loadout to ensure me and my families safety and preparedness at any given time.

155_001F_2014_recolourThe Condoor Outdoors 155: Commuter Pack                                                                                                            1592 Cubic Inches of well organized and purposeful storage in a robust and well made pack.  Carrying this pack is a easy way to carry all the items I have listed below and leaves me with ample room for a change of clothes, or additional items without having to really reorganize anything else.  I tend to like to keep things in the same place for easy access and it also allows me to find items quicker in the dark.




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